CARCABA GRUPO is a company that is aware of our world and our responsibility to the economic, social and environmental impact

Social and economic stability is based on trust, and to achieve it we need to take responsibility as part of society.

For CARCABA GRUPO It is essential to build trust among its employees and clients but also to offer support to all those projects or activities within the society that contribute values beyond the business, since without a doubt the Trust in society enriches and strengthens any company.

Support in the form of donations, contributions or sponsorships that the group offers to society are concentrated in fields worthy of being boosted, and include humanitarian, cultural or sporting programs.

Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz

Among the different collaborations that CARCABA GRUPO carries out in the field of social cooperation, it emphasizes the work that together with the Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz carries out in a continuous way, supporting the wonderful work that Father Angel, President of the Foundation, has been doing since 1962.

CARCABA GRUPO provides the necessary logistics to meet the distribution needs that the foundation requires to carry out its meritorious humanitarian work.

Fundación Opera de Oviedo

In the cultural field, CÁRCABA Group is a Premium Protector of the prestigious Opera foundation of Oviedo, and its founder, Joaquín CÁRCABA Valdés, patron of the same. This foundation performs a meritorious work that makes possible that the city has one of the best, of more quality and more attractive operatic programs of Spain, being the famous Teatro Campoamor the scenario of its cared works.

Asturhockey Club Patín

In the field of sports area, also stands out the support that CÁRCABA group feels for the world of Roller hockey, and more specifically by the Asturhockey skate Club of Grado (Asturias). Team founded in 2015 and is active in the first National Division B. A team that combines youth and tenacity, and that represents the remarkable historical tradition that this sport always had in the region.

Among the reasons why this discipline is sponsored by the company is due to the fact that Joaquín Cárcaba dedicated more than 22 years to this sport, becoming even one of the founders of the legendary skate Club Cibeles (Oviedo), emblematic team that came to win The King’s Cup in 1980 to F. C. Barcelona.


In the field of sports, also highlights the support that CÁRCABA group lends to the world of motorcycling, sponsoring the young Catalan driver Oriol Rodriguez who started Conn 5 years and today competes in the CEV (Spanish championship of Speed).


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