Since 1962, CARCABA GRUPO has experienced a continuous evolution marked by the development of the sector and the needs of companies for an effective logistics.



CARCABA GRUPO, founded in the year 1962 by D. Joaquín Cárcaba Valdés, has undergone a continuous evolution marked by the own development of the sector and the needs of the companies for an effective logistics. These advances bring new challenges, ideas, projects and services to which CABAA is united in order to offer the best logistical service possible providing the largest number of logistical solutions to a sector so necessary today.

From the environmental and social impact of the suplly chain and iinnovations, our company provifdes you the most needed solutions.:Concrete, flexible and practical. This change is reflected in the continuous expansion of the company and in the supply of new services to meet the current needs of the customers.

In CARCABA GRUPO the new general management has been assumed by Mrs. Sonia Fiestas Cárcaba, granddaughter of the founder, and visible head of a company in continuous evolution.

In a recent interview, Sonia Fiestas Cárcaba summarized in a concise way the future plans of the logistic operator and the next challenges to be undertaken:

Nowadays, the prestige companies need an efficient external logistics that facilitates things, allowing their manufacture is not to be altered, and that the storage and distribution of their products is not an impediment for the production chain supply to be seen Diminished or slowed down, and for this reason, GRUPO CARCABA responds to such demand offering an integral service of storage, distribution and logistic to any place of Europe and covering the different needs that the client and its products demand or require , that is to say, a logistic company that provides practical, effective and profitable solutions.

To assure its customers a service of this kind, CARCABA GRUPO faces the opening of new logistic centers that will allow them to cover the wide demand that they are experiencing. In addition to our logistics centres in Madrid, Asturias and Catalonia, (where we will expand to 18,000 m2), we have just opened a second centre in the city of Madrid, and soon we will open in Zaragoza, Valencia and Sevilla.
We offer to our clients an integral management Service: storage and distribution (HORECA channel, Petrochemical industry, glass industry), picking, integral management of the After sales services (assembly, replacement and sale of parts) and we take care of the “outsourcing” that customers require from their production line, ultimately a complete service. This feature allows us to have prestige clients who trust our good work.



CARCABA GRUPO with several delegations throughout the Spanish and Portuguese geography, and different correspondents at European level, has been recently awarded in Rotterdam (Holland) by the multinational ALCOA the best company in Spain in 2016 for the Transportation of their products.  An award that comes to reward the good work done and the satisfaction of its clients.


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