CÁRCABA EUROPA CENTRO, a company located in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara) and belonging to CÁRCABA Grupo, carries out its activity in the field of “Storage and Transportation of goods” of different types of products, including packaging intended for contact with food, as well as food products that do not require refrigeration.

As a result of this type of activity, CÁRCABA EUROPA CENTRO has implemented a Food Safety Management System based on the IFS Logistics Standard. Through the implementation and continuous improvement of this Management System, the Management of CÁRCABA EUROPA CENTRO commits to:

  • Ensuring at all times the food safety of the products we store and transport.
  • Conducting our work in a way that ensures the satisfaction of our customers, always complying with the requirements they communicate to us.
  • Adopting measures to ensure the minimization of environmental impacts that may result from our activity, as well as the reduction of natural resource consumption.
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements in all areas.
  • Implementing actions focused on sustainability objectives related to the environment and the social environment of the company.
  • Establishing mechanisms for the participation and training of personnel so that they are aware of the responsibility of their work and acquire the necessary skills for their performance.

This Policy also includes the commitments and guidelines set forth in the “Quality Policy” of CÁRCABA Grupo.

The Management of the company guarantees the dissemination of this Policy to both internal and external interested parties, as well as the setting of improvement objectives based on the commitments reflected here.


Sonia Fiestas Cárcaba

Sole Administrator



Transportation Carcaba

Calle Arquitecto Reguera, 1
33004 Oviedo