CARCABA benefits from a wealth of tradition and experience gained from its many years at the forefront of the Spanish transport sector.

Below is a summary of our company history, published in 1972. It goes without saying that, since then, CARCABA has continued to grow and evolve into the company it is today, but it nevertheless gives us great satisfaction to be able to chart the long-standing recognition we have earned for our work in the world of transport, as shown by this excerpt.

Transportes Cárcaba, S.A.

Extract from “The Future of Asturias” published in 1972 by Editorial Sueve.

The Transportes Cárcaba Group was founded in Oviedo on 1st October 1962. Despite his youth, owner and founder Mr Joaquín Cárcaba Valdés had already amassed a wealth of experience in the sector, having worked in it since he was just 16.

The company’s first office was set up on Avenida de Torrelavega, and subsequently became the Head Office with the opening of the Jerez de la Frontera branch in 1967. The business then enjoyed a series of expansions thanks to the company’s professionalism and good service.

The Seville branch was opened in 1968, followed just one year later by branches in Avilés and Gijón. Transportes Cárcaba is currently opening a branch in Madrid, in this year of 1972, having been granted approval by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works.

Given the ever-increasing size of the company, and to strengthen its legal status when signing contracts with firms of international standing, this year has also seen Transportes Cárcaba transformed into a public limited company now known as Cárcaba, S.A. Agencia de Transportes.

The company currently has at its disposal an in-house fleet of 34 lorries plus 250 fixed-term contracts for specialised transportation and a further 300 temporary contracts for casual work.

In terms of tonnage, glass is one of the company’s most transported goods, as Cárcaba, S.A. takes care of over 75% of the haulage requirements of glass manufacturers Cristalería Española and Compañía General de Vidrierías Españolas from their factories in Avilés, Gijón, Jerez de la Frontera, Alcalá de Guadaira and Dos Hermanas, Seville. The company also transports a considerable volume of sherry thanks to its impeccable relationships with the biggest producers in the area, as well as providing countless services to purely local, Asturias-based companies.

While special lorries are required for transporting glass, particularly plate glass, suitably equipped vehicles are also needed for bulk haulage, with the company shipping some 40,000 tonnes of bulk products to all four corners of Spain each year.

Today, in 1972, the company has already commenced international operations, an area in which is it seeking to expand. The huge growth of Transpotes Cárcaba, S.A. has already made it necessary to transfer company headquarters to Bermúdez de Castro street, numbers 31-33, where it enjoys spacious offices and where a large industrial building houses a workshop for repairing the company fleet, washing and lubrication facilities and a goods loading bay capable of handling up to seven lorries at any one time.

Cárcaba Grupo, S.A. is currently one of the companies to have endowed Asturias with the greatest levels of prestige and growth in recent years.